Mid/South Ireland


What’s your golfing background/experience?
I started playing golf in 2007 at the age of 11. Played par 3 golf for 2 years and then joined Wexford Golf Club in 2009. Instantly fell in love with the game and would spend hours there everyday during school holidays. Started working in the pro shop at 15 and my passion grew for the equipment side of the trade. I was Assistant Professional for the last 3 years in Wexford GC before starting my role as Titleist fitting specialist.  

Summary of your work with Titleist so far?
I recently joined the Titleist family (March 2021) and I can’t wait to start my first season out on the road as a Titleist Fitting Specialist.  

What’s your favourite Titleist memory?
When I received my first set of AP2 irons in 2012. These irons helped me drastically improve my handicap as a teenager and now I use the latest version T100. 

What is your favourite Titleist product?
My new TSi 2 driver. It looks gorgeous behind the ball. Super forgiving and has given me that extra distance I was looking for. 

Tell us a bit about the region you cover
I cover the South of Ireland. Basically draw a line from Dublin to Galway and I'm the Fitting Specialist for every account below that line. It's a really great region with many super golf clubs, such as Adare Manor, the 2026 Ryder Cup venue. 


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