Roddy Spence - TITLEIST Club Fitting SPECIALIST



What’s your golfing background/experience?
Amateur Golfer; Current Club Champion at local Golf Club; Former Team Captain of Abertay University Golf Team.

Summary of your work with Titleist so far?
Started with Titleist as a Product Specialist covering Scotland in 2017, and then covered east of Scotland and North East England for the past two years. This year I will be carrying out fitting events across the whole of Scotland and part of NE England. 

What’s your favourite Titleist memory?
Visiting TPI in California. For a golfer it was like heaven! Being able to see, and be lucky enough to use the facilities there was an amazing experience, and having the opportunity to chat with people like Bob Vokey and Stephanie Luttrell is something most club fitters don't get the opportunity to do. 

What is your favourite Titleist product?
My TS2 3 wood. I have struggled with Fairway woods for a long time, but since putting TS2 into my bag, I've become hugely reliant on it! 

Tell us a bit about the region you cover
I currently cover Scotland and the North East of England - a pretty large area! - but I love it. In the UK we have hundreds of amazing golf courses, but in my opinion, I think Scotland has most of them (biased opinion...)


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