The Utility that Players Crave

More distance than a standard iron, less spin than a hybrid. U•500 and U•510 are called Utility Irons for a reason. These clubs are designed to expand your shot options at the top end of the bag.  U-Series Utility Irons are about delivering that one shot you need precisely when you need it.

They Asked. We Delivered.

The challenge from our Titleist Tour Ambassadors to our R&D team was clear: develop a high-performance, purpose-built utility iron worthy of the Titleist badge. The team’s response? Not one but two incredible all-new options to choose from.

Easy Distance for All.

U•Series Utility Irons put an end to the nerves that normally accompany a long-iron shot. Both models feature high density tungsten weighting to control CG and produce consistent, easy-launching power.

Performance With Enhanced Shaft Options.

Dial in your U•Series performance through our extensive matrix of custom order graphite and steel shafts. Every stock hybrid and iron shaft in the Titleist lineup is offered at no upcharge.

Uniquely Useful

Versatility lies at the core of U•Series. From piercing stingers off the tee to high, hard-turning daggers from the rough, these clubs can produce any shot you can imagine. But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at the U•500 in action.


Both U•Series models have become player favorites on Tour already. Not sure which one to choose? Schedule a fitting to take full advantage of the range of loft and shaft options available, and find out which can add the most to your game.

Designed for the game you play. Extremely versatile, low loft utility iron designed for superior shot-making.

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Launch it high and long. Easy launching distance utility iron that delivers hybrid-like performance from a muscular iron shape.

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