Indoor Wedge Fitting?

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By A-A-Ron

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  1. A-A-Ron

    Richmond, VA


    I’m looking to add another Vokey to the bag and wondering if anyone has done an indoor wedge fitting recently.

    My gut tells me it would be difficult to fit a wedge indoors accurately, but I know Titleist launched a new Vokey wedge fitting app last year to help with that. I’m curious on the feedback (positive or negative).

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Here is a previous post on our site that might contribute. Over the years questions do repeat themselves and always glad to pass these on.
  3. A-A-Ron

    Richmond, VA

    Thanks, Chuck! That is helpful, but also looking for input from those who fit on the new Vokey Wedge fitting app last year.

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