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By AWhite

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  1. Hi amigos, I've had my SM9 Jet Blacks since spring 2022 and am not impressed but how they are holding up. I do want to add some credibility to my claim. I have had a 52/56/60 set of SM6-SM9. I always refresh every release. I had the SM8 jet Blacks and they were awesome. My SM9's are not looking so hot. Does anyone have any recommendations for upkeep, improvement of this finish? I don't really want to refresh them with the new Jet Black Premium release @ $250 a pop when these wedges only have 7 months of play on them. For context, I played about 70 rounds this year.

  2. Play18

    Aurora, IL

    Is the Jet Black premium finish different than your wedges? I got the Blue Slate SM8, and that finish started to wear after one season. After an entire season (+120 rounds), my chrome finish SM9 wedges need to be replaced, and I am thinking about the new Jet Black premium finish offering.
  3. Yes, they were different.
  4. The Jet Black wedges are technically considered a Raw finish (all mine say it on the shaft band) so them showing wear isn't necessarily unusual. That said, I have them in the SM8 (and had SM6, I refresh every other release) and mine don't show much wear. I also try to keep them spotless and aren't interested in letting them rust.
  5. My Jet Black faces are showing heavy wear and no longer are black. That being said, I can’t wait for these things to rust up a bit. Hopefully happens before I have to replace them due to groove wear!

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