Bounce/Finish/Loft on SM9 Wedges

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By Connor M

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  1. What is everyone’s loft, finish and bounce on your SM9 wedges. I’m looking to upgrade from my current SM7s and are looking to see what everyone has in their SM9s

  2. Todd E

    Todd E
    Union, KY

    I carry 3 Vokey SM9 wedges. Just ordered new 48 and 54 both in the premium black finish. 48 is 10 degree bounce and F grind while the 54 is 12 degree bounce and D grind. My 60 is 4 degree bounce with a D grind also ( I could be wrong on the grid but I prefer a lot of trailing edge relief).
  3. Mary Beth S.

    Mary Beth S.
    Lenexa, KS

    Tour Chrome 56-10, S-grind
    Tour Chrome 60-12, D-grind

    I'm hoping to upgrade the 52 degree soon (it's an SM7) to a 52-12, F-grind. I had a fitting for the SM9's because I was playing the wrong Bounce/Grinds on all my wedges. My current 52 degree was the closest to what I was fit for (it's a TC 52-8, F-grind, still workable for the time being). My SM9's are also graphite-shafted, the Tensei AM2 Red in R-flex, the SM7 is a True Temper steel shaft wedge-flex.
  4. kaizen10366

    Olympia, WA

    I just got two new SM9 wedges - both in the tour chrome finish.

    54.14 F - I use this loft for mostly full shots and I have always liked the F grind for that.

    58.14 K - I don’t carry a 60°, so this is my go-to around the greens when I need to pitch the ball and out of the green-side bunkers.

    I went with more bounce this round to see if I like that more. I’m in the Pacific Northwest, so most courses have pretty soft conditions.
  5. I carry three SM9 wedges in RAW finish so I can have them hand crafted and adjusted for bounce and performance reasons. I have a 52-56-60 using F, D and T grinds.

    Cheers, Chris
  6. Luis_M


    I'm in the same boat - I have some used SM8's and I was wondering if it was worth the upgrade to SM9's.
  7. Im swapping over from png to vokey and they are so differnt from testing so going back for another fitting
  8. Just put 52-08F, 56-12D and 60-12D SM9s in the bag. Tour chrome finish with Nippon 950 Pro S shafts. An overdue upgrade from SM6s.

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