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By Nicksal9

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  1. Currently playing the k grind with 14 degrees of bounce. I play off scratch and think I am about done with this wedge as it is way too much bounce. Looking to get a new one but unsure of what grind to get. I dig quite a bit on the full swing but looking for more playability, especially out of the bunker. Anyone with any thoughts?

  2. Kenny PGA Associate

    Kenny PGA Associate

    If you’re taking deep divots higher bounce would fit you better. Maybe try going down to 8 or 10.
    See a local pro. Good luck!
  3. GEwen


    I went for the 58 degree with d grind due to the conditions I play in here in Scotland. Does a great job in bunkers too tbh. The k was as you say too much bounce
  4. Marc W

    Marc W
    las vegas, NV

    Maybe D grind, more versatile than K and still high bounce for if you’re steep on full shots
  5. Brian D

    Brian D
    Corunna, MI

    Nick, take a look at the D grind option. That grind is designed specifically for players with a steep angle of attack. (which typically is diggers like us) Normally the higher bounce the better for deep diggers however your playing conditions and what you are using the wedge for needs to be considered. Most will say go get fit - and you should do that - but if you prefer you can also hit a demo day or head to your local shop that allows you to demo different clubs before purchasing. That will help you figure out if a particular grind works better for you.
  6. I


    I play a D grind on my wedges because I have a steeper swing. But for my sand wedge. I use an S grind. Definitely try to go and get fitted to see what you like

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